A great Belgian creator

GemBlue Gin is another awesome product that emerges directly from the Belgian creator’s imagination, Thierry Van Renterghem. He is also known for the development of Cosmik Pure Diamond Vodka, which was awarded three times (at the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago and the World Spirit Competition), and the atypical single malt whisky August 17th. Thierry wanted to go for the challenging world of gin, to complete a promising range of products. This new gin sticks to Thierry’s style: an exceptionally smooth product that allows you to enjoy it in its purest shape, without mixing it with any other drinks.


Conception and design

GemBlue Gin is derived from a first malted barley maceration (that is also used for our August17th whisky) and fermented rye, which is distilled a first time. Afterwards, we add juniper berry, lime peel and cucumber in order to proceed with a second distillation. This second distillation gives the smoothness to this beverage. GemBlue is distilled in collaboration with a french distillery and every single bottle is filled, labelled and packed by hand in Gembloux (Belgium).
For such a high quality product, we had to find a bottle that perfectly fits. That’s why, to honour this precious beverage, we choose a massive bottle, that weight 2 kg when it’s filled. The label, made of tin, is a tribute to our hometown, Gembloux.


How to serve it?

As we told it earlier, GemBlue can be tasted pure, ideally chilled. It is as well possible to use it in cocktails or with a premium Tonic. Here you can find some inspiration.


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